I started to post about this on Twitter, but honestly there’s no enough room to explain it right on that platform. The other issue is people can’t seem to separate real life from fantasy, so I’m sure this opinion is going to get a lot of crap from people who equate every opinion with hate against their particular interests. If people hate the idea of wheelchairs in dungeons, it doesn’t mean they hate real people in wheelchairs. If you think that’s true then you have some growing up to do, or you’re just lying for clicks. …

“Wait, isn’t that every day?” Hold on, we’ll get to you in a minute.

International Men’s Day, which is now observed on November 19th, is a relatively recent event, starting in the early 90s in the U.S. It is meant to be a day to celebrate and highlight positive role models for men and boys, and focus and bring awareness to men’s health issues. According to Thomas J in In Search of Fatherhood Journal from 2010, “deemed necessary in a social context which is often fascinated with images of males behaving badly… In highlighting positive male role models IMD attempts…

Some of this is going to be tough to hear. I don’t intend this to be mean, but I have to be brutally honest because after 4 years of hearing how awful Trump is I’m blown away at the excuses I’m hearing about supporting Biden. And, I’m in no way supporting Trump, never will. But, I can’t abide dishonest, or hypocritical people who claim to be against something but don’t show it where it counts. Stick with me, it will be a bumpy ride, but I hope it will all be clear when we get to the finish line.


Without any doubt, America is in desperate need of police reform. Better training and information, better guidance, and more clear regulation. It will not bring back the men and women who have been lost to neglect, accidents, and intentional slayings, but it is still a conversation that needs to be had. Unfortunately our voice, the people’s voice, is absent from that conversation and we had a hand in stifling it. Yes, it is partly our fault that we are unable to get any movement this issue. …

How may times have you seen “Men are trash (insert any sort of awful accusation in place of trash)”, or a recent one from a twitter verified ‘journalist’ with an international platform, “The Covid virus isn’t killing men fast enough.”? It’s usually followed by, “If you aren’t trash, I’m not talking about you, relax,” or “It was just a joke, calm down.”

Let’s look at the obvious. How long would people tolerate a statement like “Black people are X (insert any of the awful accusations that have been used before)”? How about “Women are….”? This example has been done to…

When you left it put a stop in my life,
An event that will forever sit like a scene break in time,
A moment that will always have a before and an after,
It is like those scenes in time, in life, but more,
Marriage, the birth of a child, the loss of a parent,
These moments rip through every other moment,
Tear through life like an ax, most happy, some not.

That stop in my life is like a broken heart,
Never to be mended, always a reminder,
I miss the before, but I can only have the after,
I will never…

Grin and bear it, they tell us, this isn’t about you. We’ll tell you how to sit, where to stand, how to speak, what to care about. It’s not about you. Grin and bear it.

Seven in ten lost at their own hand will be your brothers, your fathers, your sons, grin and bear it. It’s not about you. You’re toxic, you’re broken, you’re a predator, we’ll fix you.

Three in ten of your brothers will despair, lose hope, sink low but less than one of those three will seek help. Grin and bear it. It’s not about you. …

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

This scar won’t heal,
The more you pick and peel.
This wound won’t close,
The grief won’t end.

I don’t know you anymore,
You’re not who we knew before.
You’re not the man who built me,
Why won’t you let us mend?

Memories cherished are tainted,
Past tapestry being repainted.
I can’t remember my last with her,
Without the imagined stained.

This wound wont close,
Because of the path you chose.
I’m left broken and lost,
All in my life is strained.

You’re not the man who made me,
No longer who I want to be. …

How often do you see people talk about how awful the world is, everything is going to hell, and the sky is falling? If you’re on any sort of social media I imagine you see it every day. I’m not talking about the casual comment about how the weather sucks, or Monday’s are the worst. I mean people sitting in some Western country, drinking an artisan coffee, posting on their $900 phone about how awful the world is.

It’s not entirely their fault, part of it is perspective. There’s entire generations of people who don’t know what it’s like to…

This is probably tough to read, it was even harder to write, but I feel it’s important to do so as soon as possible. I want people to know just how easy it is for a family to lose everything to a stranger in just a few years. I want people to see how easy it is to be manipulated into giving up everything. How your grief and pain can be twisted and destroy your connection to your family.

I firmly believe my father was manipulated at the hands of the woman who moved in so soon after the passing…

Trever Bierschbach

EIC http://fragsandbeer.com, writer for http://highlandarrow.com, fiction author, just me.

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